Most frequent questions and answers

Once you select the type and length of the Lessons you want a calendar with all the available lessons times will appear. Choose wisely. Start learning.

You will receive a confirmation email with the date/time and details of your scheduled lesson. The confirmation emails generally go out immediately, however internet connection and web host provider issues sometimes cause delays. If you don't get an email within 24 hours contact us directly and we will book you over the phone.

Yes. You can reschedule or cancel your by clicking the link in your confirmation email. We get an email notification that you changed the lesson and the lesson appointment calendar automatically updates. 

$35 for a half-hour Private One-On-One Lessons and $65 for one hour of Private One-On-One instruction. From what our students tell us we should really charge more. 

Yes. You can do a group lesson with your friends. The minimum attendance for a group would be 6 people. The group rate would be $35 per person per hour of instruction.

If your group chose to do regular weekly or monthly group class a discounted rate might be offered based on the frequency and the number of group classes scheduled.

Yes and No. Currently due to the amount of lesson requests and the limited time available we are only teaching adult classes and the kids we already have in the program. Hale ukulele offers children's ukulele instruction. 

We don't often get requests for refunds. Most folks recognize the value of our lessons. Some students even pay us more than we ask. If you schedule a lesson and don't give us 24 hour notice of cancellation we feel you owe us for the lost lesson time that we could not book from our wait list. If we cancel – we will refund you or reschedule you what ever you wish. We understand that life throws you a curve ball occasionally, and we work with you. If you overslept or forgot you had a lessons…that's not a curve ball. It's a strike.

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